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Virtual Magic Ecamm

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What is Virtual interactive Theater?

It was the middle of March 2020 when live magic performances came to a standstill. Magicians from New York City found themselves with nothing to do. No venues to perform at. Coney Island, Greenwich Village, Midtown Manhattan, Times Square, all bustling magic shows came to an abrupt halt.

Two weeks later, Omar Olusion, one of the most popular and well-respected New York performing artists, called several of his friends from around the world. He was putting together a “virtual” magic show on the “Zoom” platform.

Omar’s friends and fellow performers united. When Omar put his mind to something, it was always successful. And so, The Virtual Interactive Magic Show was born. Held every Saturday at 1PM since the first week in April, The Virtual Interactive Magic Show has been astounding young and old alike with a cast of some of the Best, Most Popular magicians in the world.


Queens Library Show

Event Details

When: September 3rd , 2021, 1:00PM

Where:Facebook: HERE

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Virtual Entertainment F.A.Q.

What is Virtual Entertainment ?

Virtual Services and explanation

Virtual Entertainment is a celebration done thru an online platform like Zoom or Google meets with real-time interactions that take place over the Internet using your Laptop, Desktop , or Mobile Device.
You will be able to See eachother via Video, Communicate verbally and in text via the chat.
Now add your family & close friends to the call so we can celebrate with our carfully structured interactive show with bonus visual features.

What are Omar Olusion's Qualifications ?

Virtual Services and explanation

Omar Olusion has produced, hosted, performed and joined countless Zoom shows and Live streamed events since April 2020. Virtual interactive Magic is still going strong Every Staurday at 1 p.m. via FB Live. Produced by Omar Olusion and Technical director of the 7 episode run of "Flavors of Magic" Produced by Sara Crasson. Omar has been keeping up with the new trends of Virtual entertainment and is quite the electronic geek.

Do I need a to have an account ?

Virtual Services and explanation

No. We can gladly host your Virtual celebration on our zoom for privacy and security. We can also join your meet if preffered, we just ask that you allow us co-hosting capabilities for the best show we can give.

Can I hire you to host our virtual event?

Virtual Services and explanation

We'd love to help you have a successful virtual event from start to end.
Let us host from our Home Studio. Reach out for more details on how to create the virtual experience you seek.

What kind of Entertainment can I expect ?

Virtual Services and explanation

Omar Olusion has managed to create a few options for entertainment from Magic shows to classes and even virtual dance parties. We have also done a fair share of fund raisers in collaboration with foundations like Rockin' our disabilities & Visions with huge success.

How much is Virtual Entertainment?

Virtual Services and explanation

The cost will depend on the date, Potential Start time, Our account or yours :-) and type of entertainment required. Please get in touch for availability, price and ideas.

Divinely Diverse Deceptions

Flavors of Magic

Flavors of Magic Website

Virtual Entertainment by

Omar Olusion

Omar Olusion is a New York City icon!

He has entertained audiences of all ages for the past 20 years with his unique combination of sleight of hand magic and comedy.

You may recognize Omar from his television appearances on SPIKE TV & GBTV's program: The Blaze.

When not donating his time & talent as a magician, emcee, or DJ to many of local charities like the Ronald McDonald house in midtown Manhattan or The ALS Bucket Challenge held at Empire Casino,

Olusion can be found perfecting his craft at countless comedy clubs, open mics, and public events throughout the city Such As LOL Times Square & Comic Strip Live .

It's no illusion that Omar is one of New York City's busiest entertainers bringing smiles, laughter, & amazement to those seeking a touch of magic for their special event!


Years of Experience


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